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The WL Big Chat:
2005 In Music

1st February 2006

31st Jan 2006 - So 2005 is finally over. Thank God for that! While everyone agrees it was a pretty awful year (Hurricane Katrina devestated New Orleans; Richard Whitely passed away), it wasn't all bad (Busted split up). To celebrate the passing of another stupendous year, the Wakinglimb team got together to mull over what rocked - and what sucked - in 2005.

Bob: Single of the year: The Strokes, ‘Juicebox’.

Will: [Laughs] No.

Tim: Agreed. Or no! ‘Bottle Rocket’ by the Go! Team.

Will: Single of the year: Arctic Monkeys, ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’.

Tim: Can't wait for that album.

Will: I've DLed it, it's good.

Tim: That guy's lyrics are great.

Bob: or ‘Betcha’ by the Pussycat Dolls.

Tim: Fuck off Bob.

Bob: I liked it…

Will: Personally my favourite single of 2005 is ‘Banquet’, by a fucking mile.

Rich: Was anything better than Silent Alarm?

Bob: Yes, lots.

Tim: Maybe Funeral.

Will: Mmmmaybe.

Tim: But it's close.

Bob: Silent Alarm was the most over-rated album of the year.

Rich: You would say that!

Tim: Is it fuck Bob. Only because you were late to the party.

Will: Actually I've been surprised how far down it is on many people's "best of" lists.

"I was driving from Reading to London and Silent Alarm almost broke my speakers"

Bob: It's good but there's been a lot of stuff better this year. Gorillaz and Arcade Fire and Kanye West for example. ‘Two More Weeks’ was class though.

Tim: ‘Two More Years’ Bob.

Bob: That's the one. Oh, and the Bright Eyes album.

Rich: Transmit/Disrupt [by Hell Is For Heroes]? That's the only thing I can think that comes close.

Tim: I dunno, the urgency and electricity of Silent Alarm, I'd give loads to be able to listen to it for the first time again. I think because it was released ages ago now, and has been listened to death.

Rich: I remember it well. I was driving from Reading to London and it almost broke my speakers. I couldn't stop turning it up.

Tim: My friend and I put it on ten minutes before we got to my friend's, and instead of going in we just drove round and round 'til the album finished.

Will: I was playing Tiger Woods with some mates yesterday when a Bloc Party b-side came on the iTunes, and they both started nodding heads and tapping feet. When it finished they said "who was that?" And they're both people who say they don't like Bloc Party!

Rich: And then you all touched each other too much?

Bob: [Laughs]

Tim: What song was it Will?

Will: ‘Little Thoughts’.

Rich: It's now fashionable to say you don't like them.

Will: Fucking fashion. Me and fashion don't get along…

Bob: I like to think I started that! But I do like them. I just don't think that it's the best LP of the year.

Tim: ‘The Present’ which is on the Help: Day In The Life charity album is fantastic too; Russell thanked me muchly when I told him that. I think on appearance they look like fucking indie scenesters, but when you listen they're clearly going to be around for ages, so I think it puts people off.

Will: Haven't got that album either…

Rich: One for Will only, but Out West [by Gomez] was an awesome live album.

Will: Yeah. I still haven't watched the dvd!

Bob: what about the success of James Blunt?

Rich: I really hate that guy. No real reason.

Will: He is an arse.

Tim: Coffee table dad rock crap has always been successful Bob.

Bob: *gets coat*

Tim: Ha!

Will: When Jools Holland introduced him on "Later…" he said "and now, here's James Blunt with his wonderful song." Made me chuckle.

Bob: KT Tunstall looked cute as fuck.

Rich: Nah, she is average. Great songwriter though.

Bob: On "Later…" she looked lovely though.

Tim: Jules Holland thinks Ladysmith Black Mombazo are worth getting on every two weeks though. Clever girl though, with all the onstage sampling.

Bob: Great boots!

Will: A short skirt and boots like that will do wonders for anyone.

Rich: Will in likes women shocker!!!

Will: Oh piss off…

Rich: Anyone else think the latest Foo's album rocked?

Bob: No, I thought it was average at best.

Rich: Really?! I much preferred it to their previous.

Bob: Did you not read my review?

Tim: I liked that song… ‘DOA’? "It's a shame we have to die my dear..." that one.

Will: That's the one.

"Coffee table dad-rock crap has always been successful"

Tim: Great song, wouldn't buy the album though.

Rich: The album is full of great "classic Foos" songs.

Bob: The loud album is good, but the quiet album is very poor.

Rich: Not at all Bob! The second disc is a real grower.

Bob: It's not grown on me. It's dull and lacks tunes.

Rich: Don't get me wrong, there isn't an ‘Everlong’ on there, but there are 10 ‘Stacked Actors’! On the first disc, I mean.

Bob: The first disc is good, as you say.

Rich: Well it wasn't more expensive than a single cd album, so you can't complain.

Will: I've listened to the loud one once, and half of the quiet one. I preferred the quiet one.

Tim: Is there anything underrated that got released this year?

Will: Lots, probably.

Bob: Yeah; The Game should have been huger.

Tim: The Game is everything that is wrong with rap music.

Will: I'm pleased The Go! Team seem to be getting some praise now: they seemed to be underrated when it first came out.

Rich: They have skills.

Tim: Yeah, I got the Go! Team record the other day.

Bob: I loved that song from the Stars album Will, and I'd never even heard of them.

Will: Got the whole thing yet?

Bob: No, 'cus Play were out of stock.

Will: I've got tickets for The Go! Team in March.

Rich: I need to bust one guys - will catch you all tomorrow.

Will: K.

Tim: 'Night.

Bob: Seeya Rich.

Tim: I got tickets for Death Cab in March!

Will: I'm tempted by that too..

Tim: Graham Coxon and Broken Social scene next year too.

Bob: Shall we just agree that Demon Days, Funeral and Late Registration were the three best albums of last year and move on to films?

Will: Yeah RIGHT.

Tim: Late Registration: Nope.

Bob: Ok, shall we just agree that Demon Days, Funeral and X&Y were the 3 best albums?


Bob: Oh yeah… Ok, replace X&Y with Silent Alarm and we're done?

Will: I haven't got Demon Days, therefore it's no good.

Tim: You should Will.

Bob: It's brilliant!

Tim: Demon Days is not obscure enough for Will; he only likes bands where the band name and album name can be swapped without anyone knowing.

Will: *Alabaster Swans joke*

Tim: So is Rich coming back?

Will: He'll be home in half an hour; hopefully he'll come back on then.

Tim: I'd like to throw in Death From Above 1979 into album of 2005, or at least give it a mention. It'll rock your faces off in a hard, quirky way.

Will: Haven't heard that, but I saw a video which was pretty good.

Bob: I haven't heard it either.

Will: They were in MTV2's best 50 albums of 2005. Arcade Fire won it.

Tim: Yeah, I saw that little review of the year thing they did.

Bob: Arcade Fire I think we can all agree should be in the top 3?

Tim: Uh huh.

Will: Yeah, I think it's the only thing we all agree on. So it's probably a good contender for "Wakinglimb album of 2005".

Bob: Gorillaz should be there or thereabouts. And Silent Alarm?

Tim: Agreed bob. It was the year of those three albums deffo.

Bob: It's between Silent Alarm and Arcade Fire for me.

Will: I thought you didn't rate Silent Alarm?

Bob: Personally I didn't rate it but I know everyone else did, so it should be in contention.

Tim: What about personally though?

Bob: See above!

Tim: Well I had a fun time with Get Behind Me Satan by the White Stripes.

Will: haven't heard that either… never really got into the white stripes

Tim: Even though It's not deserving of any album of the year accolades, personally I loved it

Bob: But the White Stripes are so over!


Bob: [Laughs] Anyway, it's been a great year for albums.

"Fucking A-ha are number one aren't they!?"

Will: Indeed Bob - 2005 was a big comeback year for indie/rock. So will it continue in 2006, or is it all gonna swing back to pop pap and dance? (not that I hate dance … much)

Bob: Difficult to say.

Tim: Nah, it's gonna be full of fucking pop manufactured "indie" bands.

Will: such as, Tim?

Tim: I dunno, I just think James Blunt etc. will be filling our radios. But then again the Arctic Monkeys will obviously be EVERYWHERE too, so maybe a mix of the two like last year.

Bob: Do you want to know who Q are tipping for 2006?

Will: Go on then.

Bob: Dirty Pretty Things, Boy Kill Boy, Guillemots (Jo Whiley rates these too), Orson and The Feeling.

Will: I think I saw the Guillemots on MTV2 recently.

Tim: Boy Kill Boy are fucking awful!

Will: They sound very emo. The name, I mean.

Bob: Hey, I don't write the magazine, I just make love to it every night…

Tim: They're very very 80's over-the-top voice "everything so important" kind of thing.

Bob: Apparently the 80's are tipped for a big comeback: look at the Killers and the Bravery.

Tim: They did last year though really.

Will: Mylo too.

Bob: Mylo rocks.

Will: So do the Killers.

Tim: Fucking A-ha are number one aren't they!?

Will: What? In the UK?

Bob: WTF? Explain, Tim.

Tim: Yeah. Well, they're CDUK number one, which is that Mitrax bullshit I guess.

Will: Excellent!

Bob: What with? ‘Take On Me’??

Tim: No Bob. Their NEW SONG.

Will: The BBC number one is Shayne Ward.

Bob: Yeah he's shit.

Tim: Oh, that guy's gonna be around FOR EVER.

Will: And number four is a tribute to Bestie! See, this is why I don't listen to the charts any more.

Tim: Same. Although Arctic Monkeys did get to number one. A good year for guitar music indeed was 2005.

Will: Well said Yoda.

Tim: Ha!

Bob: I think 2005 was a good year for music in general; hell, Girls Aloud got five stars in the Observer.

Tim: Yeah but that's buillshit ironic journalism wank.

Will: Nah, I think there's a place for good disposable pop like that.

Tim: Hrmm maybe. I guess that Madonna Song was good.

Will: Well…

Bob: To be fair the Madonna album was all good. I swear no one reads my reviews…

Tim: That's because you can't write Bob.

Bob: Thanks Tim!

Tim: Only joking Bobbo.

Bob: It's Okay, you're too late. Lordcookie already ripped it to shreds.

Tim: Really?

Bob: Yeah. I love that guy.

Tim: Worst song of the year? I nominate ‘The JCB Song’.




Bob: The Black Eyed Peas sucked.


Sinead O'Connor released a reggae album last year! Why did I not know about this?"

Bob: Everything they released was shite.

Bob: Comeback of the year?

Will: Radical X!

Bob: Depeche Mode? Madonna?

Tim: The Strokes.

Bob: Not really a comeback as such though was it?

Tim: Juicebox got everyone talking about them again.

Bob: Yeah but it wasn't really a comeback. It was exactly when you'd expect them to release new material in the regular "two years between albums" sort of cycle that most of the music industry follows now. When I say comeback I really mean someone who's been releasing shit for a while (like Madonna) who COMES BACK with something really good.

Tim: Oh so you mean it's not a comeback because you didn't agree and wanted to mention your own choice. I get it!

Bob: Not at all. The Strokes haven't really been away as such have they? You'd expect some gap between the last single from the old album and the first single from the new one.

Will: A-ha!

Tim: Yeah, A-ha actually!

Bob: Ok, fine. Let's not even discuss possible choices…

Tim: What did Madge release last?

Bob: American Life, which was piss poor. That James Bond theme… piss poor.

Tim: Which was what, two years ago?

Bob: Ish… Hang on, Kate Bush!! Surely she should get it. 14 years or something, wasn't it? Now THAT'S a comeback.

Tim: Hrmm, I thought that was a bit of an anticlimax.

Will: Yeah, she wins. A-ha don't count 'cos none of us knew they were around.

Tim: Apart from On–The–Pulse Tim!

Will: *Tips hat*

Bob: I just wish it was Has–No–Pulse Tim.

Tim: Ha! So I'm listening to the new Strokes album right now. Brilliant.

Bob: Good work. I was listening to Is This It? Now I've got Scary Movie 3 on but I'm not watching it.

Tim: Yeah probably for the best then Bob. Shit film.

Bob: Indeed. Suffice it to say it's not knocked Top Gun off the top spot.

Will: Speaking of which, Bob - your views on THAT Will Young video?

Tim: Not the one you waited four hours to download either. OHOHOH!

Bob: I loved his torso. But it was recently pointed out to me that the song in question ripped off George Michael's ‘Faith’, and it did.

Will: So it's officially the gayest thing ever?

Tim: [Laughs] It just needed a sample by Elton and it would have been complete.

Bob: I loved that Tupac record. I think Elton has his place.

Tim: Yeah, that song was good.

Will: I'm just flicking through "best of" lists, trying to find this one I read a while ago and I've just discovered Sinead O'Connor made a reggae album last year! Why did I not hear about this sooner?

Tim: Oh no...

Will: IGN liked it.

Tim: IGN the GAMING website? Well they must know what they're talking about.

Will: Yeah. Actually they do music, films, cars, women; blokey lifestyle stuff.

Bob: They do?

Will: Yup, but gaming's still their main focus I think. Anyway, I'm off to eat now, and watch The Matrix.