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2005 In Games

1st February 2006

31st Jan 2006 - So 2005 is finally over. Thank God for that! While everyone agrees it was a pretty awful year (Hurricane Katrina devestated New Orleans; Richard Whitely passed away), it wasn't all bad (Busted split up). To celebrate the passing of another stupendous year, the Wakinglimb team got together to mull over what rocked - and what sucked - in 2005.

Rich: Let's start this bad boy then! Anyone else have a huge urge to splash money on an Xbox they couldn't afford?

Will: No.

Rich: Well I did!

Will: The 360 doesn't appeal to me in the slightest yet.

Rich: The lack of supply made me want one so much.

Bob: Strangely, I didn't feel the urge to splash cash on an Xbox 360 I couldn't afford.

Rich: I would have felt so superior to everyone.

Bob: To be fair Perfect Dark Zero and Call of Duty 2 don't appeal, which would have left me with Project Gotham Racing 3.

Rich: To be honest Kameo looks very generic. PGR3 looks tasty, but not much else.

Bob: Do we all agree that Rare are over the hill?...

Rich: Nah!

Will: Yes.

Bob: ...and that both their launch titles are jazzed up XBox titles?

Rich: They have skills still, that is evident…

Will: That hasn't been evident since the N64.

Bob: But do they? PDZ is inferior to both Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 by all accounts.

"What do you look for in a game? Space Invaders with tits?"

Rich: Yes it is…

Rich: …BUT…

Rich: …the engines they have made are superb, as is their art direction.

Bob: But surely that's not enough to make anyone buy a 360?

Rich: Gloss means prizes.

Will: So it's just the [X360’s] games that are rubbish?

Rich: Yes, but that can be fixed. By Sega or something…

Bob: But surely it should be the other way round? Great games that are shiny?

Rich: Not anymore.

Rich: Talking of great game and shininess...Resi 4 is awesome! Who would have thunk it?

Bob: Not me. It's not a Resi game.

Rich: I'm really enjoying it. It's great when a sequel surpasses the originals in every way.

Bob: It might be great (I haven't played it enough - too hard for my old man skills) but it's too much of a departure…

Will: It may be a big departure, but the atmosphere is still so ’Resi’ that it works.

Bob: …And it's not sold well on PS2 over Chrimbo.

Rich: It should do now; can be had for under 20 notes in most sales. It's a shame if it doesn't though. What else has tickled your fancy this year, guys?... aside from guys.

Bob: God of War rocked!

Rich: It was solid, I'll give you that, but sadly I bought it at the same time as Resi so it didn't get a look in.

Bob: Hmm. Didn't I buy Will’s copy of Resi?

Will: Yes.

Bob: So why did you sell it, Will?

Will: I rarely re-play story games like that…

Rich: Willis swapped ICO for GTA3. It's the funniest story ever…

Will: For example, I'm thinking of selling HL2 now I've finished it.

Bob: Was Gran Turismo 4 this year?

Rich: Yeah and it was criminally under played by me.

Will: Why?

Bob: Probably the same reason as me. It wasn't sufficiently different from GT3 to warrant another huge investment of time.

Rich: Surplus of other titles with shinier things going on I suppose.

Bob: Oh yes and HL2 rocked on Xbox. Very, very good game.

Rich: Best game of its ilk still. Five titles have held my attention this year.

Bob: Let me guess…

Rich: Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Football Manager 2006, Quake IV, Resi 4 and NFL Street 2 Unleashed. Oh and Dawn Of War, although it came out in 2004 I think.

Will: Battlefield 2?

Rich: Yeah that too! [laughs]

Will: Did you finish Dawn of War?

Rich: Yes.

Bob: What I'd really like to know is why BF2 rocks so hard on PC and yet Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Live was such a disappointment for me, Will and Nish?

Rich: Because it was shit. The core engine of BF2 is awesome; so very rewarding to hack someone down.

Will: Battlefront just felt so ‘flimsy’.

Bob: Yes, yes it was. So why when Star Wars rocks so hard and BF2 rocks did it not work?

Rich: Remember how in Mortal Kombat it never felt like you were hitting someone, but in Street Fighter II it did?

Bob: Yup.

Rich: In SFII you had little red and blue blast things when you hit someone or they blocked you. It felt rewarding to kill someone.

Will: In MK you had buckets of blood!...

Rich: In BF2 you shot someone and they fly into the sky.

Will: …but I see your point.

Rich: In SWBF2 people just mince to death…I think.

Will: Yeah.

Rich: And of course you aren't using a keyboard and mouse…

Bob: I prefer the pad anyway.

Will: Gotta say I much preferred SWBF1 when we played it offline, Rich.

Rich: I still play the first one online on PC too.

Will: Really?...

Rich: The core mechanics just aren't up there with BF2 though.

Will: Personally, most deathmatch games are too fast for me anyway.

Bob: Thats what makes Halo 2 so good on Live.

"In Star Wars Battlefront people just mince to death"

Will: even Halo's a bit frantic for me…

Bob: It's not as ultra fast as say Unreal 2 or the ‘awesome’ Quake IV

Rich: Halo sucked on PC…

Will: Odd…

Rich:… because it felt like balls to control. The pacing of Halo is designed around the pad.

Will: Ah, slow turning speed and all that?

Rich: You move slow and aim slow, like in Goldeneye. That's why they are awesome console shooters, as they are designed that way.

Will: Yeah, that's what I can't get used to with Unreal Tournament, etc.

Rich: Timesplitters deserves a mention here too as it strikes a medium: it's a PC shooter-fan friendly console shooter…

Rich:…with monkeys.

Bob: Never got on with it. I'm with Will in that I find that too fast.

Will: Littlejoe loves Timesplitters 3 doesn't he?

Rich: Satan.

Bob: I think that’s Ben.

Will: Oh…

Rich: I love it too.

Will: Your character just seem to skate around on the floor…there's no inertia like in Halo or Goldeneye.

Bob: Yeah, I find that with it too, Will.

Rich: Yes. It's a console shooter with monkeys and skating. You guys might be too grey you know…

Bob: Could be a point. I'm seriously thinking that I may be growing out of gaming. These days I actually prefer to read about the games instead of playing them.

Rich: That's the internet's fault though, Bob. Everyone does that, they buy into the hobby rather than experience it.

Rich: I was thinking guys, I have an Xbox 360 dev kit on the way...we should design a game together on WL…

Will: [laughs]

Rich: …and it would be shit.

Will: Yup!

Bob: Do you mean the shit or just shit?

Rich: Just shit.

Rich: You can't make many games in PHP and MySQL but we'd give it a fucking good go! What would you look for in a very simple game though? Space Invaders with tits?

Bob: Tetris with tits…

Rich: Tetris might be easier. Seriously though. I’m thinking we could make it a lot like Viewtiful Joe. If only Willis was Johnny B...

Will: If only…[sighs]

Rich: What didn't you like about gaming this year?

Bob: I didn't like Resi 4!...

Rich: But you smell Willis' copy like the soiled underwear of a supermodel, though, right?

Bob:… And I didn't like that Halo 2 pretty much killed Xbox Live.

Rich: It was the cost of games for me…console games I should say…NEW console’s games I should say.

Will: Well, that's always a problem.

Rich: When you can buy Quake IV for £9.99 on PC and £49.99 on Xbox 360 something is up! Also, the PC version is much better.

Rich: £35 DS games and £40 PSP games are nasty too.

Bob: The number of shitty ports to PSP pisses me off.

Rich: Any you care to mention? Ports yes, shitty ports no. I was thinking Wipeout, Ridge Racer, GTA, Pro Evo, etc. All great games in their own right

Bob: Well, you have to bear in mind that I've not played any so I only have OPM2’s opinion to rely on…so possibly my opinion’s not worth a lot.

Will: Have you played Burnout, Rich?

Rich: No, any good?

Will: Dunno. Just wondered cos I thought that's one game that relies on its good looks.

Rich: It's on my to buy list. Right now NFL Street 2 is eating my PSP time up. At least two hours a day right now I'd say.

Will: They should never have made GTA for the PSP.

Rich: Why not? It's an excellent game.

Will: It's just not a handheld game…stinks of lack of focus… square peg, round hole, y'know?

Bob: Exactly Will!

Rich: It works for me. Have you played the multiplayer? Stroke of genius

Will: Nope. How's that work?

Rich: First you need more than one person...

Bob: I believe it's like a deathmatch type thing with various modes?

"I want a DS cus I don't want to play PS2 ports; I want something else"
"N64 ports?"

Rich: Yah. It's just a lot more than a tacked on extra…

Will: But combat on foot is the worst part of GTA!

Rich:…and it works so well on PSP.

Bob: But for me half the joy of the online experience is being able to talk to people. No talking, no fun.

Rich: Socom comes with a mic. Socom - Sony's online saviour yet again...well, “saviour” could be replaced with “hope” I guess.

Will: Hang on, Socom on PSP comes with a mic?! Wow!

Bob: Now that might be worth a punt…pity its not original IP though.

Will: I'd like to see you whip that out on the Tube, Rich!

Rich: You'd like to see me a whip out a lot of things, Willis.

Bob: Does PSP support Bluetooth, Rich?

Rich: Nah, WiFi…and skills.

Bob: No, I meant for accessories like a headset.

Rich: I don’t think so.

Bob: Pity.

Rich: Too much of a battery drain I guess; they use the mini USB connection.

Bob: Hmmm.

Will: Someone should do a USB/Bluetooth dongle. One that hugs the PSP like that hard disk…

Rich: That hard disk is gay.

Bob: For once I've gotta say I think Nintendo are going a better way with the whole handheld thing.

Rich: You think? When is GBA2 due out?

Will: Not for a long time I'd imagine.

Bob: I'm actually tempted to buy a DS cus I don't want to play PS2 ports on the move; I want to play something else.

Rich: N64 ports?

Will: [laughs]

Rich: SNES ports? I thought you had a GBA?

Bob: I do have a GBA. But I don't play it very much. I thought the DS had more going for it than that?

Rich: I agree… plays GBA games anyway.

Bob: Come on, Will! You're the Nintendo fanboy!

Rich: So where is your DS, Willis? You have the money for it, no?

Will: Erm...I think the DS looks great. Not for everyone, obviously, but I'd love one if it was free…I just can't justify £100 on something I'll have to fight to make time for.

Rich: Trade in your PS2 for it, Will!

Will: Haha….No.

Bob: Surely Will needs his PS2 to play Shadow of the Colossus?

Bob: Tim’s talk of DS-ing in the pub sounds great.

Rich: But only for some people, Bob…

Bob: I'm the same as Will - I don't need to play on the move.

Rich:…I mean, you need a bunch of indie boy geek friends.

Will: I SO need a bunch of indie boy geek friends. That'd be wicked.

Rich: But he is missing out on what by not having a DS?

Will: I'll get a DS later but I'm not selling the PS2 until Shadow of the Colossus. I think that's the next and last game I'll get for it.

Bob: Is it essential to have new hardware on release though? Surely it's better to wait 12 months for the price of it to come down and a decent software catalogue? Or is that more grey thinking?

Will: Until now I'd have said no. As you know I've waited at least a year with every console I've ever bought…

Rich: I agree. If you only just bought a SNES you'd be happy…

Will:…but I'm extremely tempted to get a Revolution at launch possibly even a Japanese one.

Bob: Hmm. I don't think I'd import but a Revolution as with the Cube seems to make the perfect choice as second console.

Will: Nintendo are taking that view themselves aren't they? They actually said they expect it to be people's second console.

Bob: Well, I think they realise that they can't compete head on with Sony or Microsoft.

The discussion breaks as people either leave work, go to Sainsbury’s or head to the toilet

*WL Staff Edition! Bonus Content!*

Will: Hello!

Tim: Hello! What have you talked about so far?

Will: A bit about Resi 4, the Revolution, PC versus console FPSs…

Tim: I bet Bob was knocking the Rev loads, the cunt.

Bob: Far from it actually - I've been flying the Ninty flag.

Tim: Ah, I bet Bob.

Will: [leaves to peel some potatoes]

Will: [returns] Wow! Look at you two chatterboxes! I turn my back for five minutes and miss all the fun…

Bob: Yeah, I couldn't shut the fucker up…

Bob: [leaves]

Will: Bugger! Where's he gone?

Tim: Maybe a stroke?

Will: And he had time to close MSN first?

Tim: Well he is online a lot. It might be planted in his brain to do it, regardless of his state…

Will: Would've made more sense to type "Help! I'm having a strojlkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklL"

Will: Anyway, any burning points you'd like to make on what we've said so far?

Tim: Um….Well whoever is editing it has a job and a HALF. [You’re not fucking kidding, Tim – Nish.]

Tim: [leaves]

Will: *sob*

Rich: [arrives]

Tim: [returns] So what happened to Bob?

Rich: Bob is doing a spyware scan and will be on in five minutes; he just texted me.

Tim: Cool.

Rich: Let's bitch about Bob now! He's so gay!

Will: He's SOOO gay!

Rich: Tim, sell us the DS. Not literally, but you know what I mean…

Will: I think he's asleep. Tim?

Tim: [leaves]

Tim: [returns]

Tim: Fuck sake! MSN is gay; it keeps dc-ing.

Rich: [leaves]

Will: Rich said he was having problems too. This is going swimmingly. Haven't heard from Bob yet either.

Tim: Apparently he's doing a spyware check. Like what a great time to do it. Maybe next week we should organise a piss up in a brewery…

Will: Man, that'd be great wouldn't it?

Tim: We wont fuck it up I'm sure!

Will: Well as long as it's not an MSN brewery we'll be fine.

Tim: Yep, and as long as Bob doesn't decide to have a quick, full physical medical check in the middle of it.

Rich: [returns]

Will: Shall we start?

Tim: Where's Bob?

Rich: Tim, sell us the DS.

Tim: [leaves]

Will: Oh FFS! Apparently I'm the only one who's not having problems with MSN.

Rich: MSN is being gay.

Will: Bastards.

*End of Bonus Material*

Rich: Tim, sell us the DS.

Tim: It's my most played console at home. Animal Crossing is a marvel, as is Mario Kart, although I haven't played that since AC came along.

Will: Yeah, AC seems like it's much better suited to a handheld.

Tim: It is, especially as I can lean over when I wake up and boot it up. Give it half an hour cleaning the place up, selling a few things, checking the shops, and talk to the gang.

Will: Do they open the shops early in the morning then? I never used to bother with it in the mornings on the Cube version.

Tim: Fuck knows, Will, I wake up at noon.

Rich: I still would say the DS has only one or two excellent games though.

Will: I would say the same about the PSP.

Tim: I'd say you were massively wrong, Rich.

Rich: The PSP has a much higher general quality of games.

"Microsoft, Sony and George Lucas KILLED graphics"

Tim: Mmm…nah!

Will: You mean a higher general quality of gloss?

Rich: This isn't a great gauge, but look on Gamerankings - The PSP has a lot more in the 80% plus than the DS. Possibly.

Tim: I have three PSP games and nothing more takes my fancy. I have eight DS games and can’t wait to get my loan through to get more.

Rich: Which PSP games?

Tim: Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Acid and Lumines. Oh, and I got SSX for Xmas, but have played it once on the train to Bristol and that was it.

Rich: You are clearly forgetting NFL Street then!

Tim: Yeah, "forgetting"…

Rich: I think those types of games work really well on PSP.

Tim: Well I still need to get used to the fact that it's not Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Rich: Talking of which, have you guys played Wasteland?

Will: Nope.

Tim: Yeah. It seems good though if you don't like the PSP nub (which I do) then it's unplayable.

Rich: I love that nub…

Tim: Me too! I dunno why people moan about it. You wouldn't want a real stick on a portable device.

Rich: People moan about it? People are such stupid cunts.

Tim: Well...internet people on forums.

Rich: They are the cuntiest types.

Rich: Wipeout Pure is rather tasty too. It's the first time analogue control has worked on a Wipeout game.

Tim: Yeah, I hired that (a big plus for the PSP I reckon). Beautiful presentation too…

Rich: Totally. It's Wipeout through and through.

Tim: …and the downloadable content should be applauded - fucking loads of it.

Rich: Willis, here's a question for you: a free PSP or a free DS?

Will: DS, please.

Rich: Interesting...

Will: Why?

Rich:…even if it was a Gigapack versus a Nintendogs pack?! You could sell the PSP and buy a DS and many games…

Will: Well, obviously, I'd take the PSP then sell it and buy a DS.

Rich: Which makes you a fool.

Will: But if that was your question, then it was a pretty pointless one.

Rich: Nah. I can only accept your first answer.

Rich: What are you both looking forward to next year then?

Will: Revolution, obviously.

Tim: The Big REV.

Rich: When is that out?

Tim: Summer?

Will: March-ish…I think.

Rich: Same as PS3?

Will: Yep!

Rich: I was excited about that…

Will: They said Zelda will be out at the same time…

Rich: …but now I'm getting a free 360, it's losing its greatness.

Will: …it'll be a Revolution ‘launch’ title.

Rich: Is it going to be a gritty Zelda?

Will: Kinda.

Tim: It's amazing that so many people are looking forward to it and yet we've not seen one screenshot yet (apart from Zelda). The idea alone has sold it to, like, four of my friends.

Will: Well, screenshots really aren't important are they?

Tim: They used to be…

Will: They did, that's true.

Tim:…before Microsoft, Sony and George Lucas KILLED graphics.

Will: Um, yeah…

Tim: Seriously though, I've never been more underwhelmed by a new console than the 360 and by extension the PS3.

Will: D'you think it's because of the Rev though?

Tim: Maybe...almost certainly. But then I dunno...I think I've been rolling my eyes at 'RACING GAME 67 fpr' ages now it seems.

Rich: You are too hard on mainstream development, Tim.

Will: But you still bought a PS2…

Rich: Who hasn't?

Tim: Yeah, I mean there was a big leap there though.

Rich: The thing with the PS2 is that it has a lot of great games regardless of your tastes.

Will: It does now.

Rich: It did after 18 months too.

Tim: Yeah it's like the standard fare but loads of great quirky games too.

"Nintendo actually made money with the Gamecube… y'know, a profit"

Will: Its launch line-up was pretty poor.

Rich: Yes, the DC was kicking it in the first six months.

Tim: Who bought it at launch though? Idiots.

Rich: Yah.

Will: Bob did didn't he? [laughs]

Tim: Surprise!

Tim: So what can Sony do now to get the PS3 to the top? Rely on the brand again? Like with the PS2?

Rich: The brand brings them games, though, not just sales.

Tim: Chicken and egg, though, mate.

Rich: It's the women, sugar, money and power thing isn't it?

Will: They can rely on GT5, MGS, GTA… er...Crash Bandicoot?

Rich: Which will bring sales which will bring indie developwers which will bring the next ICO which will bring sales...

Tim: Yeah, but these games came out AGES after the PS2 launched and yet it still sold well.

Rich: Backwards compatible DVD player? Who didn't have some PSOne games?

Will: What was the PS2 launch line-up?

Rich: Timesplitters, Ridge Racer V...Fantavision

Tim: Fantavision! That would be a great DS game!

Rich:DOA2, Tekken Tag

Tim: Tekken Tag was poo.

Tim: Is the lack of a Xbox Live clone a problem? Or does Joe Bloggs not care?

Rich: No, it's not a great product… as in it's not original or complex.

Will: But it's very, very polished; it would be a big boost.

Rich: It can be copied with relative ease…

Will:…and a lot of money.

Tim: But they're not going to copy it, it seems…

Rich: It's not as polished as many free PC services; it's buggy and under-funded…

Tim: XBL?

Rich: …In the Beta days they had dedicated servers and not very few disconnections.

Will: We’ve had this discussion, Rich. You work with computers for a living…you find all that stuff very easy to use; I don’t.

Tim: That's something the DS has done right though; I was online in seconds.

Rich: It's [XBL] not worth £40… a YEAR!

Will: The centralisation is what you pay for…rather than having ten different accounts with ten different online gaming sites.

Rich: But that doesn't cost anything! It's free money for MS. Add that to their £50 price tag on games and they should be giving 360s away!

Will: Interesting possible business model there… free hardware but you have to pay for an online subscription.

Rich: It works with games like City of Heroes; it's almost free to buy. Would be the same business model…

Will: Of course, an Xbox is a bit more expensive than a DVD...

Rich: True.

Tim: Yeah, you're still playing on a grand-plus PC too.

Rich: You overate the cost of a PC but, yes, I'm just likening.

Tim: So is there advertising on XBL?

Will: No.

Rich: There should be.

Tim: Yep, that'll make it free….Oh no, wait, it wont because only a small percentage of Xbox users actually use the service.

Rich: If the Rev fails will Nintendo do a Sega?

Tim: Nintendo are financially sound though, SEGA weren't…

Rich: I know.

Will: No, I think they're long-sighted enough to realise that the Revolution's mission to expand the market will take more than one generation.

Tim: …and they actually MADE money this generation too…y'know...a profit.

Will: Unlike MS who lost like a billion dollars or something.

Tim: Four billion apparently.

Rich: They will reap it this generation.

Will: You think?

Rich: £50 a game!

Will: They're still making a loss on hardware.

Rich: And a two-console model means they can reduce the less expensive kit to make less of a loss.

Rich: Anyway, would it not make sense for Nintendo games to be on PS4s and Xbox 1080s?

Tim: Well, why Rich? They make money on games at the mo and they have creative and commercial control on their property with their own console.

Rich: They would make more money on Sony and MS hardware though.

"I'm more concerned with having a lightsaber fight than Nintendo's long term financial plan"

Tim: Are you sure?

Rich: They are a business, not an artiste.

Tim: I dunno…

Will: But then there's less reason to buy their hardware.

Rich: They would sell more games on a bigger user base.

Tim: Really why?

Will: I genuinely think they're concerned about expanding the user base, which means they have to have their own console.

Rich: When you can open up your user base tenfold, you can sell more games.

Tim: I'm not sure the Playstation market is the same as Nintendo's.

Rich: Think of it from a shareholder's perspective.

Will: They've mentioned it time and time again in press conferences over the past year: the "hardcore gamer" demographic is more and more saturated.

Rich: They want to have LESS customers?

Will: NO! They want more people to play games.

Rich: So they are looking to target your mum?

Will: YES! Seriously.

Rich: Brilliant!

Will: That's what the Rev and DS are about.

Rich: I remember you saying…

Will: You really haven't been paying attention this year, have you?

Rich: No, I work 50 hours a week.

Will: [laughs]

Tim: They want their own big slice of a market rather than share scraps with other third party publishers vomited down to them by mummy Sony. Look, how many third parties have gone under the last few years? Fucking loads! Why would any sane company want a part of that? Nintendo cant compete against, say, EA for the mainstream market so they make their own market.

Rich: I would suggest that it's not up to "them".

Will: ?

Tim: ?

Rich: I honestly think if the Rev flops, the shareholders will insist upon it.

Tim: But they made PROFIT still and the GBA and DS has sold brilliantly.

Rich: The Cube has sold poorly (as did the N64); I don't think I'd be wanting another third placed console if I had my money invested in them.

Tim: They still made a profit on the Cube and it was hardly whooped by the Xbox.

Rich: Sure, so their shareholders will say “Make handhelds only and go multi-format on home consoles”. It's just what I would want them to do if I had money in them.

Tim: Even though it [the Cube] makes money?

Rich: Was it [Cube whooped by Xbox] not?

Tim: It sold less, but marginally so. And MS lost, if I remember correctly, four billion dollars on Xbox.

Rich: I assumed it [the Cube] was dying a death judging by release schedules only really. Microsoft are playing a different game though.

Will: Yep, Nintendo are doing their own thing so you can't really compare.

Rich: I wasn't. I was saying that I think if the Rev flops, they won't make another home console.

Tim: I think they said as much anyway, Rich.

Will: Did they?

Rich: Well, at least I'm not talking out of my arse then!

Tim: Well, if it was on 4cr than that's where I read it…maybe I'm talking out my arse.

Rich: I think I win.

Will: Like I said, if I was them I'd realise it's going to take longer than one generation to get grannies playing games.

Tim: But I'm more concerned with having a lightsaber fight on the Rev than the long term financial plan company and it's shareholders intentions.

Rich: Anyway, what would make you buy a 360?

Will: If it was cheap and it had some appealing games.

Tim: Well, just some good game would be nice.

Rich: True.

Tim: And some good use of that power.

Rich: Will, are you getting one at launch?

Bob: [arrives]

Will: A Rev? Probably.

Tim: I've raced Ferraris a billion times, why should I pay hundreds to do the same but with a shinier lick of paint?

Will: Rumour has it that it'll be sub-£200.

Bob: It'll be great if it's cheap like the Cube when it launches here.

Tim: Thing is with importing is that will if affect the whole thing of DLing the older games?

Will: That's a good point.

Tim: Will I have to DL Japanese-language games if I get a Japanese machine? Will it even let me go online? Will I be able to play Street Fighter II Turbo against an American?

Will: If it works like that it probably won't… fuck, I never thought of that.

Rich: What's the difference in launch dates?

Bob: Between the NTSC and the PAL? Knowing Nintendo it'll be ages.

Will: They haven't given anything so specific yet.

Tim: Just summer.

Rich: Gay.

Will: They'll miss a trick if you can't play internationally.

Tim: Deffo. But we know how funny Nintendo can be with importing.